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Signal Mirror


At sea, communications are similar to those established on land, by radio, telephones and even GPS location. However, navigation instruments and traditional communication tools are an upside down when current technologies fail, whether due to energy load problems, weather conditions, etc. One of the means of communication between boats and from the sea to the mainland, is through the signal mirror.


The 86mm Global Nautical Signal Mirror has been designed precisely to send messages in Morse code or other codes previously agreed upon, between several boats or from the sea to lighthouses or nautical control points on land. The marine heliograph (formal name of the signal mirror) has been used since ancient times, in order to establish contact with other ships on the high seas; this product designed by Nova Argonautica, has ISO 12402-8 approval, a guarantee of European quality that only its products can offer novice and experienced navigators. Barcos.OnlineĀ  products also have a two-year warranty, which is a novelty in the navigation implement market.

Add the pros and forget the cons

While it is true that radio communications are very effective, at some point, they can fail. That is why it is advisable to have this resource a bit more rudimentary but effective. This mirror is used to reflect the rays of the sun or other nearby illumination that can be used to attract the attention of third parties. This type of communication has fallen into disuse by the same technological advance and, because there are those who believe that disclosing their position could carry a risk. However, we emphasize that it can be very useful in case of technological failures, and would be an excellent motivation to learn the Morse code.

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